Don't Judge

Don't judge me for how i live my life day by day
Judge me for how much i care in every way
Don't judge me for what i say or do
Judge me for what i mean to you
Don't judge me when i make mistakes
Judge me for doing all it takes
Don't judge me for the imperfections of my past
Judge instead that i learn't to live with them at last
Don't judge me when i fail life's test
Judge only that i'm human and trying my best
Don't judge me for what i can never be
Judge who i am for being me

Karen Julie Ward
(20th March 2011)


I used to see life as a chore
All that was around me was just a bore
Things in the world just used to exist
I see their beauty now gone is the mist

Pretty flowers, towering trees
Sweet singing birds, and the buzzing bees
All these things I now notice exist
I see them more clearly now gone is the mist

Beautiful shells on the golden sand
Bright blue sea you can touch with your hand
The beauty of these didn’t really exist
Until a breath of wind blew away the mist

Have you seen the sky at night?
With twinkling stars that shine so bright
Open your eyes these things exist
Easy to find without the mist

Look how beautiful our world can be
So many lovely things you can see
I never knew these things could exist
Until I opened my eyes and away went the mist

I love to see all these lovely things
And all the beauty this world can bring
You too can see these things exist
If you open your eyes and you are clear of the mist

Karen Julie Ward     03/5/99

The fear

Without any warning it can creep into your life 
Rip into your heart like a long cold knife
A feeling so real, so very near
Known to us all it is called the fear

Situations come from far and wide
The ones of which make you want to hide
The reasons why are not very clear
Why from deep inside they fill you with fear

You try to make sense of the way you feel
To other people these things wouldn’t be such a big deal
It’s hard to control when it’s placed firmly here
No one should have to live with the uncontrollable fear

It’s hard to get others to understand why
There are times you wish you could curl up and die
These feelings in your mind need to be made clear
So real to you is your deep rooted fear

You can control these feelings if you try
An end to forever needing to run and cry
No matter what you shouldn’t put you life on the shelf
You have nothing to fear but fear itself

Karen Julie Ward   01/02/2000